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Want to be happier at work? Want to know what smart businesses are doing better? Want greater productivity from your staff?

This book holds the key to creating trust in your work life. Imagine a future where your boss trusted you more, where your staff trusted you implicitly and your customers and investors felt more engaged. Imagine too, that you could trust them in return. How much more would you accomplish?

The Trust Future is not an idealistic utopian dream; it is a readily available choice. It is a compelling business case on how you can create trust, engagement, performance and happiness. And live true to your values so you are succeeding commercially as well as intrinsically.

On the serious side, it’s packed full of examples and case studies, and includes 229 documented references.

On the lighter side, it includes shocking stories from company turnarounds, analogies from the martial arts ring and heartfelt anecdotes from teaching kids Buddhism. And some fun facts you are not going to believe. How many other books on ethics make you laugh?

Omer Soker wrote The Trust Future to make business life more productive, more innovative, more enjoyable and less stressful for managers and employees alike

Editorial Reviews

“Omer’s independent thinking and lucid approach to applying ethical principles to enterprise is a breath of fresh air in current business literature. From the CEO to the most junior employee, The Trust Future is powerful and rewarding reading.” –Jon Stanfield, CEO, Horizon Credit Union

“Reading The Trust Future was like taking a big, deep breath of fresh air. It challenged and inspired me around my leadership, my relationships and to live my values in all areas of my work. Well researched and full of inspiring stories, Omer bring ethics to life in such a way that you know it’s the most sustainable and long-term profitable approach for any business.” –Mandy Scotney, Executive General Manager, House of Travel

“Omer Soker is a truly inspirational business man who has written a compelling, powerful and thought-provoking book. Use the clear and wise direction in this book as a catalyst to propel your business forward in a more sustainable, mindful and rewarding way.” –Sharon McGlinchey, Winner, Instyle Magazine Woman of Style/Beauty 2010 & Founder, MV Organic Skincare

“This book is a road map of how to be a responsible business, and win the community and stakeholder support over your competitors.” –Peter Greenham, Signatory of UN Global Compact & Chairman, Australian Organisation for Quality

“Managers at all levels will find The Trust Future both a thoughtful and practical guide to leadership and behaving with integrity in complex and challenging environments. Omer Soker brings together respected research, case studies and examples of best practice, to form a road map to build trust, purpose and performance. Happy employees are productive employees. Omer Soker illustrates the veracity of this, and how to achieve it.” –Rosemary O’Connor, Director, Springboard Enterprises

“Omer’s book is a new milestone in developing more trust within organisations.” –Mike Boorn Plener, CEO, Business Connector

“I found the principles in The Trust Future really interesting and an opportunity to pause and reflect on what we do and how we go about doing it.” –Jeff Rogut, CEO, Australasian Association of Convenience Stores Limited

The Trust Future is a map book. You instinctively recognize some of the landmarks and understand where you should be heading but you still need to check a map to remind yourself of the key details to ensure you reach your destination.” –Doug MacColl, Finalist CFO of the Year Awards 2012 and CFO, Reed Exhibitions

“Omer was a wonderful leader and mentor to me, and is highly respected by his peers for his integrity and business efficacy. Companies will benefit from listening to him and his ethos.” –Amelia Coote, Event Manager, Life Instyle

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  1. Introduction – The System is Broken
  2. The Martial Arts of Ethics
  3. Busting Old Myths
  4. Personal Strategies
  5. Ethics, Trust & Integrity
  6. Engagement
  7. Values & Purpose
  8. How to Embed Ethical Behaviour
  9. Societal Impact
  10. Business Lessons from a Buddhist Change Agent
  11. Start a Debate

Sample Chapter from The Trust Future